180°easy opening and closing

Easily move the patient under the body, realize the transfer of various scenes, and prevent the waist of the nursing staff from being injured Without loss, one person can easily move without effort.

IP25waterproof design

Highly waterproof and rust-free, it can be washed and washed with peace of mind.

Freely adjust lifting height

20CM lifting adjustment, simple operation, one button can be raised and lowered, adjusted to the appropriate height according to the demand, and the shift is more convenient.

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Front and rear silent wheels·flexible foot brake

Medical-grade silent wheels are selected, and the front wheel is designed with foot brakes, and the car can be parked at any time.

Double safety lock

The lift is equipped with safety belts and safety locks to ensure the safety of patients. Double safety locks are more secure and more at ease.

foldable push armrest design

The foldable push armrest is convenient for dining and provides more space for daily hand activities.

Mobility type  indoor typeWaterproof level IP25
Dimensions ( mm ) : 830mmx620mmx860mmSeat cushion size 450mmx450mmx70mm
The distance between the bottom of the seat frame and the ground 440mmSeat cushion surface to the ground 520mm
The distance between the highest point of the rear casters and the ground125mmNet weight 36 kg 
Gross weight38kgLoading Capacity 150kg
Motor column Lifting speed load about 8mm/s , without load about 10mm/s lifting stoke  200mm
Radius of turning circle 950mmFront wheel size 
Rear wheel sizeMotor : 24V / 100WX2pcs
Battery Li-on25.9V / 2600mAh Use environmental conditions 0℃~+40℃≤80% R.H  70kpa to 106kpa
Storage and transportation conditions  -20℃~+55℃,≤80% R.H ;70kpa to 106kpa